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Everyone at i2S2 understands what’s at stake for the Air Force and the nation. That’s why we have invested in a leadership team who knows how to help the Air Force overcome past challenges and improve performance, reduce risk, continually adapt, and direct more Air Force dollars to the mission.

The right stuff for ISC 2.0 starts at the top.

"There is no greater mission than strategic deterrence. There is no greater purpose than serving our country. There is no better team to deliver ISC excellence."


Introducing Darrell Graddy

i2S2 President and Proposed Program Manager


Darrell GraddyDarrell Graddy is an energetic, thoughtful leader capable of tackling difficult challenges in the National Security environment by building committed, skilled teams. His 36 years of experience reflect exemplary management of large, complex programs. Most recently, as the SVP of Operations for the Consolidated Nuclear Security Enterprise JV, bringing together the Pantex and Y12 nuclear production sites under a single $23B contract, he delivered “Performance Excellence” with a 3,500-person workforce covering every aspect of warhead delivery.

Darrell will be on the ground in Utah, working shoulder to shoulder with his team and AFNWC commanders every day. He has full autonomy to make decisions and turn on resources as customer needs evolve. He’ll also have total support to build and enable the right team for every task ahead.

Management CONOPS


  • President serving as ISC 2.0 Program Manager, based locally with total latitude to adjust to the cadence of Hill commanders
  • VP of Operations serving as the ISC 2.0 Deputy PM (DPM) and responsible for day-to-day task order execution, fueled by a dynamic pipeline and workforce management systems to drive operational excellence
  • Chief Engineer for ISC 2.0 ensuring the full complement of engineering and technical expertise and proven methodologies to respond to evolving customer and contractor challenges 

While the i2S2 leadership team will operate autonomously for AFNWC, the team is fortified by the full support of i2S2 partners’ most senior executives and external advisors with direct relevant expertise:

  • Board of Directors comprised of i2S2 partner executives to provide oversight and review of financial and programmatic performance and render counsel as needed as i2S2 adjusts to client needs
  • Senior Advisory Group (SAG) comprised of Fellows, subject matter experts, chief technologists, and former and retired military leaders with direct mission experience to help solve difficult challenges and recommend innovations
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