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Driven to serve, a can’t fail mission


Managing and modernizing ICBMs is a complex, challenging mission with a storied history. The next chapter is crucial. Sustaining readiness at all times, the Air Force must deactivate and replace 400 aging MM-IIIs and silos with new GBSD missile systems still in development. It’s a vital, decades-long mission involving a huge industrial complex. The role of the Integration Support Contractor is a vital one.

For this can’t fail mission, AFNWC needs i2S2, a won’t fail partner that’s driven to serve and exceed expectations.

Commitment and know-how across the enterprise


As the ISC 2.0 lead, we will bring the relevant technical expertise, operational expertise, engineering expertise and an integrated management approach to enable a successful path forward for both the Minuteman-III and GBSD Directorates. AFNWC can count on experienced leadership who understand the mission, know how to mobilize its workforce for every task ahead, and build bridges across the ICBM Organization and all the OEMs and development contractors involved.

This unprecedented opportunity calls for a better path forward, where tighter governance and integration, smarter systems and tools, and robust staffing win the day. The i2S2 team has already developed a detailed transition plan to stand up i2S2 operations quickly to meet or beat the government’s timeframe. 

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